Rosie Ree is a rebrand with a name change, a new look, and a company overhaul, but the fifteen years of experience remains the same. We’re selective, but we churn out bestsellers. We are committed to doing our part and helping our authors do theirs! 

We pride ourselves on bringing the total package for our authors. There is no half-stepping from editing, book cover design, public relations, and marketing; we map out a plan and train our authors for success. 

Our team of publishing professionals has over 20+ years of collective experience. Our authors are involved during each step of the process. During the development phase, our authors attend our virtual author’s Bootcamp, where they receive training in all the aspects of becoming a best-selling author. 

Our outside-the-box processes work! Our support for our authors goes beyond the first 30 days of the book launch. 


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